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cockpit in pilot’s POV
in your hands!
GearUP! is the only full-scale, functional simulator of a 737NG airliner in Poland. Our cockpit is an exceptionally accurate replica of the real aircraft, where all controls, switches, displays and levers work exactly as in real life! With GearUP! you will have an opportunity not only to take a selfie in the cockpit of a commercial jet, but also have a cold beer after you land!


in the pilot’s seat!
Before you decide to become the Captain, you can watch a video of our simulator at work - from the pilot's perspective. It looks like one huge piece of complicated machinery, right? If you want to check all these levers, controls and switches yourself and feel the excitement yourself, book your flight today with just a few clicks!

360 view

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However, if you feel more confident on the ground and you'd rather admire planes than pilot them, think about someone who would love to become a virtual pilot, even for a little while. A gift for birthday or Christmas, for good grades. For your boyfriend, friend or grandmother... With affection, out of boredom, for the challenge... Buy a flying voucher for somebody, and take a passenger seat on the unforgettable flight!


Customer reviews

I’ve always liked challenges and unusual adventures. When I heard about GearUP! I just knew I had to try! I admit that I had never had a chance to sit in a cockpit of an airplane. I was worried I wouldn’t manage. But my fears turned out to be completely unfounded. Thanks to the helpful instructor and interesting flight scripts, the adventure in GearUP! Poznan gives you a great deal of fun!


I can hardly find the words to describe the experience. I’ve heard about flight simulators lots of times, but I’d never believed it could be so realistic. You can immerse in the image around you so much that  when you maneuver you instinctively turn your head! An amazing atmosphere and opportunity to do something new and inaccessible on a daily basis. I recommend it!


I’ve often wondered what it is like to pilot a plane, but I’ve never thought that I would ever have the chance to actually do it! The thrill and the illusion of a flight are so amazing that you can easily forget that you are sitting in a simulator, and not in a real cockpit. With some help from an instructor I managed not only to circle a city, but also to land! I recommend it to anyone as a really fun way to spend free time with friends!


I’ve spent memorable time in GearUP! Poznan! Everyone dreams about doing something amazing, but the flight in GearUP! surpassed my expectations. I’ve always associated simulator with a computer and joystick, but GearUP! allows for a totally different level of realism. A visit to the simulator brings unbelievable emotions, and illusion of a flight is almost unimaginable. I’ll absolutely do it again!


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