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  • F-18

    Przedstawiamy Wam zupełną nowość na rynku symulacji lotniczych! Nasz najnowszy symulator samolotu bojowego F-18 wyposażony w GoogleVR i platformę zapewniającą ruch w trzech płaszczyznach to zupełnie inny poziom doznań! Każdy znajdzie coś dla siebie dzięki naszemu oprogrwaniu, które przyjemny lot może zmienić w bojową misję. Zachęcamy do zapoznania się z ofertą.


  • Impreza urodzinowa w GearUP! Tak to możliwe!

    Jeśli lubisz klimaty lotnicze lub chcesz zapewnić odlotową atrakcję swoim gościom to musisz przeczytać nasz wpis na Blogu, tam znajdziesz więcej informacji.


  • The only certified B737 FNTP II MCC simulator
    available for everyone!

    In GearUp! You can feel like a real airplane pilot. Put your skills to the test under favorable contidions and take advantage of our “Takeoff” offer

    Try your hand on a hard airport with our “Spread Your Wings” offer, where you can choose any airport in the world, any weather and any of our available scenarios.

    Maybe you would like to earn your own GearUp! license on our simulator? Our “Take Controls” offer is just for you.

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    Fixed base simulator

    Stationary B737 simulator where you can take controls of 80 ton airplane and fly with our flight instructor. The only simulator in Poland with real forces applied on a yoke. Here you can feel you’re flying

    Mobile B737 Simulator

    Having in mind business clients, we brought to life our next flagship product. As pioneers in bringing the highest level aviation entertainment, we created mobile GearUp! Show Room.

    F-18 Motion Simulator

    Something new for out business clients, best fit for fairs and events. Our mobile, F-18 motion simulator, made for special tasks.

    Shall we go flying?

    Business offer

    The most proffesional Boeing 737 simulator in Poland!

    We organize corporate and business meetings, conferences and parties


    We also handle fairs and events with our mobile flight simulators!

    Pilots who recommend us

    Bartosz Wojciechowski

    I’m into aviation since 2011. I fly Boeing 737-800 on daily basis. I graduated The State Higher Vocational School in Chełm. I am long-time member of Ostrow Aeroclub and in my free time I tow gliders. I heartily recommend GearUp! It’s great place to have fun and discover new aviation passion.

    Marcin Kocybik

    Currently I am a Boeing 737 captain. GearUp! Many times GearUp! has helped me to prepare for tests , that we often have to take in our career.
    In GearUp! Flight simulator you can feel like in real Boeing 737. Creators have put a lot of work into recreating all cockpit details, it’s functions and aerodynamic model of the airplane.
    I recommend GearUp! For everyone who considers working as a pilot, prepares for exams on this type, and also who wants to take controls of Boeing 737 for a moment and feel how it is to fly 80 ton airplane. It’s worth it!

    Łukasz Szcześniak

    In live with aviation since child (Family legends has it that since 91′ Poznan Air Show). I began flying airplanes during my first year of studies. I’ve done my licenses in a few polish training organizations. On daily basis I work (more of fly, because I never considered it as a job that you HAVE TO go to everyday) in Ryanair (still on right seat). From time to time i like to come back to general aviation flying with my friends. Recently I’ve became a happy dad; I’ve passed my aviation passion in genes 😉
    GearUp! and it’s crew has helped me a few years ago, which led to successful recruitment process, and later on, working for one of the biggest European Boeing 737 operators
    I heartily recommend this place with great passion!

    Piotr Pietrucha

    Everyone had dreams as a child. But dreams without a goal are just dreams. If you would like to realize your dreams of being a pilot, you must visit GearUp! Flight Simulator in Poznan. I’ve spent there many hours improving my skills and earning confidence in my profession on the most realistic simulator. Set your goal, test yourself. Will you take up the challange and be a pilot? Every stage of pilot learning is a great adventure. I heartily recommend! – Dreamliner pilot Piotr Pietrucha.