Poland’s only certified B 737 FNPT II MCC simulator

For flight schools and pilots

Do you have your avaited airline assessment?
Do you wanna train your skills in certified Boeing 737 NG simulator?

In today’s times, airplanes are highly automated, and the market is complex and dynamic. The role of a pilot is changing, and airlines continually expect more from candidates. It’s worth familiarizing yourself with the cockpit before the assessment; no manual can do this better than a session conducted by a Boeing 737 airline pilot in a flight simulator. Discover what a screening session could look like and what to expect. We’ll tailor the sessions to your expectations, provide guidance, and help you improve any errors.

We’re offering:

3 hours session on certified Boeing 737 simulator

1 hour of briefing and debriefing – it’s time when we talk about most common errors and discussing your strategy to pass the assessment

Airline Assessment

Certified software that simulates Boeing 737NG systems B737NG

Simulator is based on training Lockheed Martin software Lockheed Martin

Cockpit constructed from genuine components or high-quality equivalents to maximize the sense of realism, both in terms of functionality and sensations.

Advanced MCP with all mods and dual FMS

EFB with current navigational aids from Navigraph and current AIRAC

Session is conducted by type rated Boeing737NG airline pilot

Intimate group sessions in a maximum two-person setting

Airline Assessment – book your training today!

1 hour of simulator + briefing and debriefing

400 PLN

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